Going the extra mile: Coach Haque recruits in Thailand

Going the extra mile: Coach Haque recruits in Thailand

Eagles Badminton—currently ranked 8 in the nation, scoring a whopping 139 points and placing third in their tournament held on November 19, 2017 versus Concordia, NAIT, and Olds,—Head Coach Naeem Haque had the opportunity of travelling to Bangkok, Thailand on a recruiting trip!

Coach Naeem was invited by US Sports Camp Thailand, a group that runs the sports camp for the United States in Bangkok, Thailand. Naeem was there as a coach to recruit and promote King's Badminton and the opportunities future students would have for scholarships if they come to King's!

Through his endeavors on this trip to Bangkok, Naeem shows how dedicated our King's Eagles coaches are. Naeem took the time and effort to hop on a plane, fly across the world, and spread knowledge of the opportunities for international students who wish to join King's Eagles Badminton program.

Out of the coaches who attended the conference, 28 were from the United States, and 1, Naeem, was from Canada. Naeem was the one and only coach representing badminton for Canada. During his time spent at the conference, Naeem attended two days of coaching conferences, followed by a couple days of coaching a badminton camp. The first day of the camp was comprised of running badminton drills, leading to a tournament on the second day.

Naeem was able to meet and form relationships through promoting King's Eagles Badminton and what types of opportunities these players would have access to at King's. Naeem was not only able to meet and speak with the players who attended the camp, but he also had the chance to meet the players' parents.

The trip was clearly a step in the right direction for Eagles Badminton, as Naeem stated, "the trip was a success, and I am hoping we can have a couple of players come to King's next year". Thanks to coaches like Naeem putting in the extra time and effort, being a truly dedicated Eagles coach, recruits in places like Bangkok now have knowledge of the wonderful opportunities we have for athletes at The King's University. 

The King's University has competitive international rates and we are willing to go the extra mile, or in Coach Naeem's case, the extra 7,367 miles, for international students!