Academic Eligibility Requirements

Athletic Team Participation

To be eligible to play on an intercollegiate-athletics team and become eligible to receive a scholarship:

  1. The student-athlete must be enrolled in a minimum of three credit courses totalling nine credit hours in each semester in which they participate in ACAC competition.
  2. In order to retain playing eligibility at The King's University, all student-athletes must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA for the year (both fall and winter terms). Your eligibility is based on your Annual GPA.

Years of Eligibility

  1. A student-athlete shall have a maximum of five years of eligibility within the ACAC. Participation at any other college or university shall be equivalent to and deducted from the five years of ACAC eligibility, with the exception of participation in the Alberta Colleges Athletic League (ACAL).

  2. A student-athlete shall be considered to have used one year of ACAC eligibility if he/she has participated in one scheduled ACAC contest. The appearance of the student's name on a game report shall be interpreted as indicating participation in that game. (*Does not apply to pre-season/exhibition contests).

Academic Requirements

  1. All Student-Athletes must complete the Mid-Term Academic Progress Report during each term and turn in to their respective Head Coach in October & February.

  2. The ACAC student-athletes on Basketball and Volleyball teams must pass at least six credits in the fall term to be eligible to continue in the winter term.

  3. To be eligible to participate the following season, a student-athlete must pass 18 credit hours in an academic year. If you do not have 18 credits, you will need to take spring and/or summer courses to fulfil ACAC requirements.

  4. It is the student athlete's responsibility to make sure he or she has enough credits and the appropriate courses to graduate. Each student is assigned a Faculty Advisor to help formulate a plan to complete his/her degree in an appropriate time-frame.

Athletic Probation

  1. Failure to raise the Annual GPA to at least 2.0 will preclude participation on an intercollegiate-athletic team until such time as the Annual GPA of 2.0 is achieved. The student may have to wait until the Winter Term before he/she is eligible to play.
  2. Based on specific programs at King's, student-athletes may also be placed on Academic Probation.

Financial Aid Regulations

  1. Some Financial Aid requires students to be enrolled in 12 or more credits per term. Students should consult the Academic Calendar and the Financial Aid Coordinator for details.
  2. Student-Athletes should also be aware that some external funding requires students to move from one year of study to the next year of study in a single academic year. Student-Athletes should consult the Academic Calendar for the regulations on how many credits must be earned to move from one year of study to the next. In general, however, passing only 18 credits will not guarantee progressing from one year of study to the next.

Programs with Higher GPA Requirements

Although the minimum GPA for most programs is 2.0, your degree program may require a higher GPA. The Bachelor of Education programs and the BA/BSc in Environmental Studies programs have a higher required GPA. Students are responsible to check with their Faculty Advisor BEFORE the term begins. Any King's student who does not meet these standards will be placed on Probation and will have one more term to accomplish the required GPA or they will be asked to withdraw. Student-Athletes in these degrees may compete while on Probation but not once they are asked to withdraw. (Note that a Requirement to Withdraw may be appealed; please see the Office of the Registrar for details).

Spring/Summer School Regulations

  1. Only courses offered at King's will be allowed to be taken during the spring or summer terms. Any off-campus course must be pre-approved by the Registrar in order to affirm the validity of the course in conjunction with an approved "King's Degree."

  2. The grades achieved in the pre-approved courses will be calculated into your GPA for ACAC participation eligibility. HOWEVER, IF you were placed on Academic Probation, your academic achievements in the Spring or Summer WILL NOT affect your Academic Standing with the University. You may achieve your annual 2.0 GPA but you will still need to fulfil the University probation requirements.