Fall Semester Tryouts

Fall Semester Tryouts






Women's Soccer September 9 5:30-7:00pm King's Field
Men's Soccer September 10 5:30-7:00pm King's Field
Women's Basketball September 9 5:00-6:40pm King's Gymnasium
Men's Basketball September 9 6:40-8:20pm King's Gymnasium
Women's Volleyball September 10 5:00-6:40pm King's Gymnasium
Men's Volleyball September 10 6:40-8:20pm King's Gymnasium
Badminton September 9 8:20-10:00pm

King's Gymnasium


If you are interested in attending one of the tryouts listed above, please show up at the location listed above at the time and date listed. If you have any other questions about being recruited for one of our Eagles athletics teams, don't hesitate to contact the head coach of the team you'd like to play for directly.